Star-Inspired Art Journal Spread

I knew when the Art Elements monthly challenge reveal was, I posted about it. But, somehow I completely forgot to let the administrator of this month's prompt know that I was interested in participating. Drat!! However, I did make something to share. And, even if I'm not part of the hop, does that mean I can't share my creation with you? I sure hope not, because here I go. The inspiration this month was stars. Since I've been trying to get back into art journaling again, I let that be my medium this month.

Let me share my process with you.
I started with a journal and a stack of ephemera (miscellaneous old papers.)

To glue down the ephemera, I used gel medium and a paintbrush.

I don't always cover the entire page(s), but that's the direction I was lead in this time. 

To push the papers into the background, I used a brayer (roller) to paint on a little gesso.

From there, I used a pencil and a pen to doodle on star shapes. 

Then I stamped on stars using black Staz-On and Distress Oxide in fosselized amber. 

Stencils and paint came out next. I used a variety of acrylic paints in shades of yellow and gold.

I then turned to a small piece of paper sitting on the side of my desk (see, there's another one on the far right.) I've been using these papers as palettes for paint during art journaling sessions.

I flipped the paper over and used a stencil to trace star shapes. You may recognize those star shapes from my Fourth of July Necklace tutorial. 

The stars were cut out and set to the side.

I used a basic pen to handwrite one of my favorite quotes.

The stars were glued down with a glue stick and traced with a black Stabilo all pencil.

I used a wet paintbrush to blur the pencil lines around the stars.

And, that was it! My starry art journal spread was done. 

While I'm not a part of the blog hop for Art Elements, I encourage you to head over there and check out what the other artists did with the star inspiration. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. I've been eyeing your journaling adventures with immense pleasure. It must be very relaxing and exciting to start with a pile of scraps and end up with paper art of your own. Using that palette paper for the stars is a fabulous idea! I like the quote, it is really motivating!

  2. What a great idea to use scrap colour try out paper to make your stars. This is the reason I am more drawn to the AJE challenge than the others. You don't have to make jewelry - you can do anything creative and thats exactly what you have done

  3. I wondered why you were missing from the blog hop list. I love seeing show you use your journal pages progressed. Your quote is so perfect!

  4. I love that comment!! thank you for playing along and sorry you missed the deadline, I will share you blog post on the FB page for Art Elements so all can see. Hope you can join in future challenges :D

    1. Laney, So glad you like this. I really wanted to do so much more with your fantastic inspiration, but as you know things just got away from me. Ha! I do hope to be more on top of it for challenges to come. Thanks so much for taking the time to swing by. I appreciate it so much! :)


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