Peek at My Week: Nov. 4-10

At the conclusion of each week, I like to share a glimpse into my real world followed by the inspiring links I found during the week. Here's your peek!

Sunday was slam-packed full of activity. I decided to tackle this mess of a craft cart.

As always, it got messier before it got better.

Since it was a beautiful day, I did take a break to head outside for a walk along the Bay.

Once home, I did finish organizing the cart.

And, I put it to good use with some play in my art journal.

While working on a project on Monday, I realized that my tin pieces resembled tacos. 
It totally cracked me up!

Tuesday was Election Day, and I did my part.

Waiting for the results made me a little restless, so brownies were made (and consumed).

Wednesday was even less fun.

On Thursday I treated myself by checking out a new local boutique. The stencils above the hooks in the dressing room tickled me. This is exactly how I sort clothes when I shop.

I made another trip out later in the day to work at a local coffee shop.

Since I had done a bit of brainstorming along with my coffee consumption, Friday was a day of creating.

I even pulled out some of my buttons!

I can't say that Saturday was very productive as the majority of the day was consumed with football-watching. However, I was finally able to catch Zoe sunning on her back!
Doesn't this pose just make you giggle?

Anyway, here's some of the other inspiration I found throughout the week:

Now to figure out what this new week holds and how to make it exceptional. Here's hoping you find loads of inspiration in it!!

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  1. The picture of the Bay is beautiful and the buttons will sure turn into something fabulous! Darn, I need to clean up the mess on my working table and the organization I have in mind is pretty similar to the advice from the link. Now, to find a whole day and devote it to this noble task :) I have a show coming on Dec. 8 and am open to any advice I haven't heard yet :) And I've been thinking of refashion related embroidery lately! I'm trying to say that, by an interesting coincidence, three of the links you shared have a direct connection to my plans and ideas at the moment.


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