In the CraftyHope Etsy Shop

It's been a while since I showed off what's in the CraftyHope Etsy shop. I'm not sure how many of you pop over there to check out the newest listings, but here's a peek at a few of the pieces available there. 

Valentine's day may have passed, but these earrings are still fun any time of the year. 
Red Tin Heart Earrings
An old, broken watch serves as the base for this stunning, but simple necklace.
Vintage Watch and Pearls Necklace
I apparently have a thing for combining amazonite and mother of pearl buttons as there are two pairs of earrings that feature this marriage.  
Amazonite Drops and Button Earrings
Amazonite and Button Earrings
I think they each have their own personality. Don't you?

Oh, and did you see how I incorporated a billet casing, leather, and crystals into one necklace?
Leather Bullet Tassel Necklace

The effect I achieved with Vintaj patinas, mica powders, and resin gives the center of these earrings an opal effect. 
Altered Art Deco Earrings

This necklace is just about to expire and won't be seen in the shop again.
Delicate Key Necklace

There are loads more listings in the CraftyHope Etsy shop that feature more upcycled and unique materials. Let me know your favorites!


  1. Love the altered art deco earrings!

    The delicate key necklace expiring feels like a puppy/kitten in the pound....I feel like it needs to be rescued!

    1. Pezz, Thanks so much! I love all my pieces and feel like they're all pound puppies looking for a home. I can't keep them all! Ha!


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