Another Set of Altered Playing Cards (Dec 2015)

I made and swapped some altered playing cards back in December. I even recorded the process and took pictures of the results. Then, I promptly pushed that digital file aside. It's way past time to share these with you, especially since I finally uploaded the process videos.
Above are the six cards I sent my swap partner.

I split the process video into two to try to keep the videos a little shorter. In the first video, I made these three cards.

You can watch Altered Playing Cards Part 1 below or click over to YouTube.

And, here's another look at the cards.

Here are the three cards I made in part two.

Again, you can watch Altered Playing Cards Part 2 below or at YouTube,

A closer look at these also.

Watching the videos should fill in any questions you have about how I made these cards. But, if they don't, please let me know!

You can see previous cards I created as well in other blog posts.
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August's Altered Playing Cards (in November)
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November Altered Playing Cards (in March)

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