Today I'm. . .

::Creating a big, ole mess in the craft room. What else is new?

::Drinking coffee from my kickin’ cute cup.

::Feeling enthused and inspired after meeting with another artist yesterday.

::Wearing some cozy houndstooth leggings under a fun romper.

::Hoping to play with my art journal today.

::Enjoying the sunny weather we've had all week.

::Listing this pair of earrings. {Can you figure out what the flowers were before I used them as charms in these earrings? Don't peek at the name of them. ;)  }
Altered Scrapbook Flower Earrings

::Looking forward to date night with the hubby this evening and a weekend full of opportunity.

::Bookmarking This Ukranian photographer’s fairytale images

::Thinking over which of these flowers looks best with this mossy green altered pendant.

::Needing to do a ton of chores today including the dreaded sweeping and mopping.

::Prepping some thrifted canvases with gesso.

::Wasting time, always wasting time.

::Wondering if I can pull this pile of miscellaneous old earrings together into a piece.

::Knowing I better get started if I’m going to get anything done today.

As always, I've got a little too much going on. And, I love it! What are you doing today?


  1. Listing all the things you are thinking/doing must make you realize how busy you are ? ! I'm thinking you are on a great roll :-)

    1. Liz, Oh yeah. But, today's all about the sunshine and getting out in it (SOON) before it starts raining tomorrow. As Scarlett says, "I'll think about it tomorrow." And, I hope the roll continues then. :) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. It's a different and fun post, Hope! I'd like to see what you make with the earrings, I have some and no clue how to incorporate them!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of "doing"...I'm just doing some fun crafty things, yes, things you would like. I'll be posting about it next week.
    I could go out with hubby on a date night if I felt like getting all dressed up in something decent...I'm a bit lazy now, so I think I'll just cook something easy.
    Have a great date tonight and a fun weekend!

  4. So much going on! I'm jealous of your sunny weather all week! We had over 2 feet of snow this week and it snowed lightly all day today. Have a great, creative weekend!

  5. Today you accomplished quite a lot! Oh, and the digital work of the Ukrainian artist is amazing!! Hope, I have a request... can you please send some sunshine to me.. I will gladly send the snow we have been getting here in Northeast PA to you! :)

    1. Sally, Accomplish. . .kinda. I just kept jumping from project to project and then housework (blarg). I'll do what I can about the sunshine. . .it's supposed to start raining tomorrow (another blarg), butt we plan to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine in a bit. You can keep the snow. I don't handle the cold and white stuff well. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend! :)

  6. LOL, got a kick out of that cup!!!

    1. Lee, Yeah. I like it too. It was a Christmas gift from a friend of mine, that and a bottle of wine to go with it. I haven't opened the wine yet, but the cup is perfect for my coffee!

  7. I just love this format! I kinda do that on my ramblings every friday but I am horrible at taking the pictures and adding them.

  8. Grateful for your reflections, Hope, as I'm too sick to have any of my own this weekend :(


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