Menu Plan and Recipe Review

It's BALL week, and I don't mean those usually round, sporty balls or even the ones I definitely don't want to talk about on the interwebs. Nope, it's the week of my Mardi Gras ball! Yes, Mardi Gras itself isn't for a few more weeks, but the season starts early in these parts. 

My week is full of meetings and prep and all kinds of fun that takes me out of the house and leaves my hubby alone. Alas. . . along with my man, my menu suffers. 

Breakfasts and lunches are pretty much repeats of last week, and there are only two nights I'll be home to make real meals.

Tonight we're having Chicken, potato, and leek pie.
Tomorrow I have planned (since it's his favorite and he can have leftovers) Beef Stroganoff and green beans.

Is it horrible that I'm leaving him stocked with leftovers, cereal, lunchmeat, and canned ravioli? He doesn't seem too perturbed so I guess I shouldn't fret so much. 

Despite my tardiness, I had a semi-related meeting yesterday that kept me from blogging, I'm linking up with Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

I do have one recipe review real quick.  It's for the Vegetarian Dirty Rice that I  made last week. I'll preface the whole thing with, we liked it in the end.
Sooooo. . .the making of it was a disaster. When I added the rice and turned the heat down to medium, all the liquid cooked out pretty quickly and began scorching the bottom of my pot. I added a little more veg broth and let it cook. When the 45 minutes were up, the rice was still hard. It ended up cooking for another 25 minutes with about another 2 cups of broth added before the rice ever softened up enough to eat. As well, I had to turn the stove down to low so all the broth wouldn't cook off immediately. I think that if I had turned it down to low initially instead of medium, I would have had more success. The dish didn't taste too bad in the end, despite being a little overcooked. I may try this again with that one change, low temp instead of medium. Like I said it had a great flavor, but I was just so frustrated with the whole process.

So that's it. Lots to get done this week. I hope I can pop in and share something else with you later in the week, but I'll have to wait and see how crazy it all gets around here.

Until then, Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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