Pinning with Purpose | Week 12

Hey guys! Unfortunately, this week kicked my butt. I just woke up to realize that I had no post for Pinning with Purpose for you. I hope you aren't too disappointed.

Here's a little bit of what Pinning with Purpose is about. Each week, I pick out a few pins from my Pinterest boards and try to recreate them or use them for inspiration. And, I challenge you to do the same. Find a pin that gets your creative juices going; be it a craft tutorial, recipe, style inspiration, or organizational tip and run with it. I encourage you to share your results on your blog and then link it up here. I do ask that if you are going to link up here, that you mention it on your blog with a link back.  As well, if you want to pin anything seen here, please make sure you go to the original post to do it.

Thank you to the two ladies who shared their projects last week.
Jenna at the Painted Apron shared her yummy-looking 5-minute Trick or Treat Bars
Mischelle at Michaladas Musings created this super cute Jellyfish Pendant
Thank you so much ladies for sharing your creativity here! It's much appreciated.

Since I was busy with a wedding, a magazine, my family, and doctor appointments; I just didn't get to my own picked pins. In that case, let me just remind you what they were and promise that I will TRY to get to at least one of them this week if not both of them. 
I hope you have some time to be inspired by one of your own pins. I do apologize for my lack of something more to share with you.


  1. hi Hope! I'm back again! You are super sweet to give me a shout out every week, I do appreciate it! Good luck with your party, I know it's extra work~ I hope you get your pumpkins and pretzel treats made, I'm dying to see!

    1. Jenna, I'm so pleased you're still hanging in there and playing along with me! I'm just hoping this week isn't as chaotic as last. . .though it's not looking to be much better already. I really appreciate your links. I'm can't wait to eke out some time to check them out! :)

  2. I shared a big fat FLOP I had with pinerest idea. Maybe if I had saved the recipe I had seen and actually pinned it BEFORE I tried to make it, things would have come out differently. Oh well. Live, learn, pin.


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