Earring Day Results | Part Two

Over two weeks ago I had an "Earring Day" that turned into an Earring Week and then Earring Weeks. I revealed Part One of my Earring Day already, but finally have a few more pairs to show you. (clicking on the pictures will open up a larger view)
Above is the bulk of what I created over the past week using a variety of mixed media materials, buttons, and beads.

Here are some of my favorites. On the left, I altered wood tubes with paint and hung a game piece from them. The right is more self explanatory: Vintaj artisan copper bead caps, faux pearls, and copper chain.

These are my absolute favorites of this round: Scorched Earth ceramic drops topped with a link of bone beads and a rhinestone spacer, strung together on Patina Queen brass wire.
At some point I'll finish off all of these earrings, get better pictures, and list them in the shop, but for now I thought I'd share the eye candy. 

I've put the earrings supplies aside for now as they were taking up the whole of my desk, and because I think I'm well-stocked on earrings for the time being. Now to decide what to work on next. Suggestions?


  1. Wow you made a lot of wonderful earrings! You have been a busy one.

  2. you are having fun with earrings lately! another wonderful batch, and I can see why you love those Scorched Earth ones - yowza!

  3. Those acorns are fantastic!!! And I was excited to see those beads smack in the center of the first photo...I loved those beads but had zero vision for them. You are so good at earrings, Hope! Among many many other things :-)


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