Personalizing My Bullet Journal with a Gelli Print

I'm a list-maker through and through. Always have been. I can't remember much or even function productively without a list. It's sad, I know. While I've gone through several versions of list-making, when I stumbled on the Bullet Journal method (as recommended by Kim of Zoot) I knew I found a method that suited what I needed. The great thing about the bullet journal is that you can personalize and mix it up to suit your style and needs. I've done just that.

I started with a basic smallish, spiral-bound graph notebook over a year ago.
I found this at Wal-mart with the school supplies
When I began, I kinda stuck to the basic instructions as portrayed in the video.
As my style evolved, and I added some color (via washi tape - love!) each day to my journal/list.
A year later. (pardon the blurs, there's just some things you don't need to know. ;)  )
I've just about finished up that original journal, and it'll be time to start a new one on the first of November. Don't think I'm weird, but I'm kinda excited about it.
The old one is well worn and loved. (The tags are Post-it Durable Filing tags that I added)
While I had intended to personalize the cover of my original one, I never seemed to get around to it. I guess I should have added it to my list. Since I've become addicted to papercrafting, I couldn't let the new one be. I sorted through some of my Gelli Plate prints and found my favorite of the bunch.
Just check out the variety of colors and textures in this print. Isn't it dreamy?
My original print was done on cardstock which seemed too heavy to adhere to the notebook, so I scanned and printed a copy of it on some basic printer paper. After some cutting and gluing, I now have a beautiful new bullet journal cover.

Much better! Now to wait and see how this one evolves. How do you handle your day-to-day lists?


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    1. Thanks Jenna! I really love the Gelli plate and my bullet journal. I like that I'm able to combine my left and right brains with this! :)

  2. Not weird at all. It's all in play for journal keepers. Your journal lasted a year. I seem to need a journal every 45-60 days, but I like the idea of pimping it out..or decorating it. Blogger question: How did you blur out part of the photo?

    1. Alan, You are a born writer for sure if you're tearing through journals that fast. I don't use mine the same way I did back when I was a girl. This is mostly day-to-day need to do stuff. I've actually just started another one, an art journal with pretty pictures and inspiration and daily snippets of a journal post. I'm hoping that'll help me get my writing groove back (of the non-blog kind). As for the blurring, I used a blur tool that's in photoshop. I'm not sure if there's anything similar in picmonkey or other photo editing apps like that. Sorry.

  3. I agree with Alan... not crazy at all. This is just the thing that excites me, too! I love your cover and am headed now to watch the video. You mentioned the bullet journal to me once, but I forgot to research it. On my way now... Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Kim, Thanks so much. I hope you find it useful. I know I do!

  4. I have tried to be a list maker but I will do up a list and then lose it. I find that it works much better for me if I put reminders in my phone. That way both my phone and my computer yell at me when it is time to do something.

  5. I am literally a 'planner' by trade (it is what my skill set is called in advertising). My desk always has my most current 'bullet' list there, and my notebook (I use a composition notebook for work) usually has a paperclip to the most current list running. When I've checked off most of it, I start a new list including the last couple of items from the old list. I am a 'serial' list maker - LOL

  6. I'm a post-it note kind of girl. I have scraps of paper everywhere that I jot notes on. I have them around to annoy me on purpose so that I take care of whatever the note says and then I can toss it. :-P

    1. Lorraine, I would totally lose track of everything I had to do on a post-it note. First off, they would indeed be EVERYWHERE and then they would fall off of things and they would get lost, it would be a total avalanche of post-its. But, I'm so very glad you've found a system that works for you. I absolutely like the idea of tossing the completed tasks though. That sounds fulfilling to say the least!


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