Menu Plan Monday

Today's been a flurry of getting s&*t done, though to look at my to-do list you wouldn't think it. I've added to it and added to it as the day's gone on (and as I made a sale in the etsy shop.)
These earrings were listed and quickly sold after an Instagram 'friend' saw them. Woot!
Though there was that bright spot in my day, the bulk of it has been focused on food (shopping for it, preparing it, eating it. You know the drill.) and that includes making the weekly menu.

Breakfasts: Smoothies, Peanut butter toast, Yogurt w/granola, Omelets, Pancakes

Lunches: Chicken salad sandwiches, Leftovers, Soup and grilled cheese, PB&J, Tuna Noodles, Cheese quesidillas, Salad

Spicy peanut butter tofu w/green beans and yellow rice
Homemade pizza w/salad

I don't have any recipe reviews this week as everything we ate wasn't new to us. And now. . .well now it's time to stop writing about the food and start making it. It never ends does it? I really shouldn't complain, first world problems and all. Anyway, here's hoping you had (are having) a lovely Monday!


  1. Love the earrings and can see why they sold so quickly!

  2. I luv those earrings too!! Glad I got to see you today!

    Debbie @ Flower Child Designs

    1. Debbie, Aw thanks! You did the same thing with the ones I listed today though. I was glad to see you there today as well. We definitely need to get together sometime and play! Thank you for popping in.


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