ZnetShows Contest and Meal Plan Monday

Ever have one of those weekends that's completely fun and busy, but by the end of it you need another weekend to recover from it? THAT'S the weekend I just had and I'm looking toward another busy one to come. I guess I could say I'm living life to its fullest.

Anyway. . .

On Wednesday/Thursday I shared with you my reveal for the ZnetShows "Diamonds in the Rough" Challenge.
A peek at one of my designs in the Diamonds in the Rough reveal
I hope you found the list of Challenge participants on the ZnetShows Blog. Just in case you didn't, here's the list.

In my reveal for the Challenge, I failed to mention that it was also a contest (for both you and me. . .keep reading)! The team at ZnetShows picked out what they thought were the top 20 designs. (I have no idea how they did it, there were so many beautiful designs.) You get to vote on your favorite designs from those twenty. Make sure you LIKE ZnetShows on Facebook and then scroll through the photos of the top 20 designs. You can vote for more than one design, but they ask that you don't vote for ALL the designs as that is the same as not voting at all. To vote for a design, just like the photo. It's as simple as that (for the me portion. . .keep reading.)

{I will mention that two of my designs were selected for the top 20, but I DO NOT expect you to vote for my designs. I want you to vote for the designs you think are the best. I want this contest to be fair.}

In addition, by voting YOU also get a chance to win something. The crew at ZnetShows is going to randomly draw the names of FIVE people who vote, those five will win $20 gift cards to ZnetShows. How awesome is that?? So, go and like some photos! What do you have to lose? Voting ends on May 23rd.

I'll wrap up this post quickly with my Meal Plan for the week.
Breakfasts: Cereal/oatmeal, Juice, Breakfast burritos, Hashbrown baskets, Muffins

Lunches: Leftovers, Soup & grilled cheese, Juice, Tuna noodles, PB&J

Vegetarian Spaghetti
Lemon Chicken Breasts w/mashed potatoes & peas
Home style tofu and rice w/steamed broccoli

Happy Monday y'all!! I hope you're recovering from the weekend better than I am.

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