BTW: Industrial Chic

I've been going in quite a few different directions over the past few days. It seems like the hours and minutes just slip away from me. I don't know how it happens.

In the meantime, I've got all these Industrial Chic goodies sitting on my desk beckoning to me, wanting attention, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Anybody seen my muse?

What's on your desk this Bead Table Wednesday?

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  1. I'm slower making stuff too - it's too pretty outside!

  2. I hate when mine goes on vacation without notice!

  3. Cynthia- I'm not sure mine's on vacation, she just only visits when I'm sleeping. I guess she's trying to tell m e that I shouldn't be so preoccupied with other tasks so that she can visit and stay for a while when I'm actually conscious! Ha! Here's hoping yours comes back soon and is ready to work. Thanks.

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  4. Hope, I can totally relate. It seems I start one thing and then move on to the next - I am easily distracted! Looks like you have many beautiful components to design with once the mood strikes!


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