My Top Five Tips for Getting Organized (in related news, I got the craft room cleaned)

**Edited: Just realized this would be more appropriately titled "My Top 5 Tips for Clearing out Clutter". Ooops!**

Oh holy cow. How is it possible that I blinked and suddenly it's Friday? At least I was productive in a sense. I spent the ENTIRE WEEK cleaning the craft room. The entire week!! Before I show you the results of my labor, you can check out Monday's post see the mess I made just trying to get it clean.

And, here's how far it's come. (Let me go ahead and say I didn't take any pictures from the doorway where Monday's photo was taken because now it's just an open carpet area. Trust me, it would have been a fairly boring picture.)
My craft desk
Now, I know I didn't show you the disarray that any of these areas were in, but trust me it was bad. You could not see surfaces at all.

Area behind my craft desk
In order to clean the room I used the method I tend to always use when cleaning. . .left to right, bottom to top. Basically, I worked my way around the room in sections. And, once I got started it was difficult to quit.
Side table (next to craft desk)
I also made a point of sorting everything I put my hands on into keep, toss, or donate piles. Actually, the KEEP items found a home in the craft room or elsewhere in the house while TRASH went in a bag and DONATE went into boxes/bags. I've already dropped off 4 boxes and 3 bags of items for donation and have 2 more to be donated a little later. The whole house feels lighter!
Craft Hutch (to someday be painted that yellow color you see on the little paint can)
It was pretty hard to part with some items, but if I couldn't think of a project I could use the supply for in the immediate future then it was donated. My resolve began to dwindle as the days wore on so I know I'll have to go through the process again before long.

Anyway, here are my main tips for organizing, especially when you're trying to go a purge like I did.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I do hope this helps you with your Spring Cleaning! Best of luck to you.


  1. looks great...I just finally got my studio all set up the way I to find some mojo...thanks for sharing...xox

  2. oooooh - my room looks a lot like yours did! The transformation is beautiful. I'm inspired!

  3. You did a great job clearing out. Its so easy to clutter up a craft room and so hard to get rid of the clutter. I like you tips for organizing, especially not going into another room!

  4. looks great!

    wish I could be stronger and stick with the resolve to "get it outta here". But I always have to save it for a rainy day :o)

  5. I knew you'd get it done - and you got it done in style! That hutch is going to look so fun when it's that bright yellow...

  6. Hope, I love your work table and the hutch is great with the cupcake stands and other fun candy jars full of goodies! You need to paint the hutch NOW!!! It is going to look so adorable when you're done and I want to see it :O)

  7. You got some great tips here!
    Your room looks great - I love all the crafty ways you have some items organized. I plan to do more of that some day.

  8. OMG! It looks like heaven! What a great working area!!!! Thank you for showing us! Hugs, Doris

  9. Doris- You are too sweet! I am fond of my craft room and so much more so now that I can actually see surfaces and the floor again. I appreciate you stopping by and checking it out! Thanks :)


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