Deep, Dark Thoughts from Crafty Hope

I apologize for my radio silence the last few days. After all that happened in Connecticut last week nothing else has really seemed important 'enough' to share.

However, I know life must return to normal for most of us. . unless the world ends tomorrow. I'm trying not to obsess about that too much. My neurotic side TOTALLY wants me to make today count (just in case) and my rational side wants me to 'keep calm and carry on.' Since my energy is waning today I'm leaning toward the second option while realizing that shouldn't we try to make EVERY DAY count? No one really knows when their last day is going to be so each and every one should be spent to its fullest.

This past week has been full for me. Between seeing The Hobbit on Friday, spending the rest of the weekend in Houston, and shopping all week for Christmas presents I haven't had much time to contemplate where my hours and days are going. I hope I'm spending them well. And I hope you are spending yours well too. Enjoy your day and those that are in it. Seriously.

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  1. Well, I sure enjoyed today. No more school for lil' man. So we went to the holiday laser light show, and they had a truck come by and blow snow. Snow in Okinawa! It was awesome, and surprisingly very cold.


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