We Made a Birdhouse

I've been meaning to show off mine and Pat's collaboration here for a few days now. See. . .he built me a birdhouse.

I suggested he use one of my wooden spools for the perch. I think it worked out perfectly. And then, it was all in my hands.

I started by priming the house with some Killz to protect it and give me a nice white surface to play with.

See how pretty!

I used some Patio Paint stuff I found at the craft store. I got my three favorite colors as well as some white and black. As well, I used a variety of paintbrushes (from foam ones to fine brushes.)

I also used some painter's tape as needed.

In some cases, a lot was needed.

I really went to town with the paint and even pulled out some round dot dobbers I had forgotten I had stashed away.

Now we just have to figure out where we want to display our work of art!

I'm sorry if this was boring for you. I've just been so excited to show off the darn thing.

Here's another colorful pretty piece, this one just got renewed in the Etsy shop.
Pulling Petals Necklace

It's a dreary day here and I think showing off these bits has definitely made it a bit brighter. I hope it's brightened your day also.


  1. Hi Hope,
    Dreary here too in Central AL so thank you for the bright and cheerful pictures of your and Pat's beautiful bird house. At first I thought I was going to be seeing a Bama bird house. Your "Pulling Petals" necklace is very pretty, I love the colors.

  2. Love your bright and cheery birdhouse and necklace.
    What fun to work on a lovely project together!

  3. It's dark here in NYC! sleeting and now snowing .. burrrrrrr

    your post is so cheery, and I adore that bird house! way too cute for words!!! and very fun necklace too - perfect for lifting the winter blues!

  4. Cynthia- I hate to hear how chilly it is up there. Eek. We've just had some rain down here, but it's been a downer of a day altogether. Focusing on these colorful pieces definitely added some spark to me day. I'm so pleased that you like them too!

  5. what a super fun and cheery birdhouse! you and pat do nice work :-) the necklace is so pretty. great colors!

  6. This birdhouse is awesome. Its so good. I love doing, crafting little thing too.


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