Election Day

It's voting day all across America and I played my part.
I apologize for the smudge. . .it got wet

I do have to rant a little because I (and everyone else in my voting area) was assigned a new polling place and it was CHAOS there. The parking situation was horrible: there were cars parked up and down the street, the actual parking lot was nothing but grass and no discernible system, it was almost impossible to get in and out of, and you had to drive through the line of people to get into it. In addition, the line was outrageous! There were people with wheelchairs and walkers and canes standing out in the breezy cold for close to an hour. Once you got into the building, the line for my last name was super long (you think they would have broken down some of the most common initials. . .like "S") and there was not a soul in some of the other lines. Once you actually got a ballot, you had to climb over other voters to get to an open area at a table. I hate to complain like this on the day that we most get to exercise our freedom, but I've never had a voting experience like that. And from the complaints I was overhearing, most of the other voters hadn't either. First world problems, I know. . .

Rant ended.

For a little happy, check out the two items I put on sale yesterday. I just love these two.
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I do hope that if you haven't gone out and voted yet that you do, and that your experience is much more fulfilling than mine. Happy Election Day!!


  1. I voted! We live in a town with less than 3000 people so voting was not a problem. Of course I went during work hours so it might be a mob when everyone gets home from work.

    I love both of your pieces. The bracelet is gorgeous and I love the touch of blue in the pagoda earrings.

  2. that really is frustrating. we are urged to vote, so it should be as smooth as it possibly can be (i know that is asking a lot in some places)so that people don't just think it is not worth the effort the next time.
    Beautiful piece!!!

  3. Good on you for voting! so important to exercise your right for this!

    But so sorry that it was so frustrating. It shouldn't be that way, but seems like there are changes all over the place. We had crazy long lines here as well. And in NYC it was worse.

    But thank you for voting! everyone should! Right on girl!

  4. It's compulsory here in Australia to vote, so you can imagine the lines of people streaming out of local schools waiting to cast their ballot. Most times we try and go early to miss the hoards (but everyone else has the same idea) so last year I went really late in the day, almost closing time and it was so much better.
    Passion bracelet is divine, the two charms really finish it off perfectly.

  5. And I meant to say that in this day and age you'd think we would be able to vote from home on our computers!


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