BTW: Meh

You know what you like. You know what you don't like. And then there's all that stuff in the middle that makes you feel.. .meh. . .

That's how I'm feeling about what's on my desk today for Bead Table Wednesday. Actually, it's been on my desk since Sunday. I've actually felt so blah about it that I've busied myself with other tasks to distract myself from my lack of feeling on this project.

I guess I'm probably over-exaggerating things by saying that I have NO feelings about this project. I really like the bright colors contrasted with the black. I like the key and the wing piece too. However, it's the way that it's coming together, the actual DESIGN of the piece, that makes me so iffy about it. So, I'm letting it simmer for a while to decide how to proceed; take it apart, keep at it, or redesign it entirely. Eeesh!

Do you ever experience this lack-of-feeling about a piece? How do YOU deal with it?

There's more Bead Table Wednesday in the Flickr Group.

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  1. love the colors, but understand the meh. unfortunately, i usually keep working for days and then when it is done, cut it apart. i always think i can save it. when i am not wasting time like that, i sometimes put it aside. something usually comes to me about it when i am on deadline for another piece! i am curious to see where this one leads.


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