Macro Sunday: Cheesy Noodles

I did make a Mock Bead Soup piece if you want to see it. I'm kinda proud of it!

Anyway. . .With Pat playing all weekend, I got to thinking (very dangerous)

Do you have a comfort meal? You know what I mean. One of those meals/foods that you make when you’re all alone and you just want to throw something together that makes YOU happy. It may not be good for you, but it sure does taste good. Well, I do. We just call it “cheesy noodle.”  It’s a very flexible recipe and I tend to just use whatever I have on hand.
Mouth watering, right!?
Here’s how I do it:

Ingredients (again. . .very flexible)
Pasta - whatever you have on hand
Cheese - again, whatever. I veer toward Parmesan and then a little cheddar. But whatever works too
Vegetable - I usually go with frozen peas because I can throw them in at the end of the pasta boiling, but sometimes I’ll steam some broccoli real quick or something.
Meat - most often bacon, but if I don’t have any I’ll use ham, turkey, leftover chicken, or just leave it out all vegetarian-like
Butter - a tablespoon or two
Milk, cream, or half & half - just enough to wet the noodles
Salt, Pepper, Granulated garlic - to taste

It’s easy. . . I boil the pasta (throwing in the peas toward the end) and then drain when it’s done. I return the pasta (and peas) to the hot pot and toss in the cheese to get it melting. Once it starts to be gooey, I add a little butter and let it start to melt and then add some liquid (milk, cream, or half and half). I stir it up until well combined then add the meat, vegetables (if other than peas), and seasonings. Stir then NOM away!
So good!

 I usually can't get enough of it! Mmmmmm cheesy noodles.

Since I got these yummy closeups of it the other night I decided I'd share it for I Heart Macro Sunday. Head over to Lori's blog, Studio Waterstone, for more cool macro shots. Though, I can't guarantee they'll make your tummy rumble like mine does! ;)

So what's your comfort recipe? Feel free to share yours in the comments!


  1. Yummy Hope, I do mac and cheese in a similar way.

  2. Kim- Oh yes, so, so, very YUMMY!! :) Thanks for popping in!

  3. mmmmm I've missed your food posts...very tasty....
    have a good week
    I'm back with a new blog after a break....

  4. Looks yummy, Hope! I always make what we call 'ronis with butter and cheese! I'm sure the food police would have a fit but it's comfort food for myself and my kids! You make it by cooking elbow macaroni and then mixing in butter and parmesan. My mom always made it for me when I was home for a snow day in the winter.

  5. Great macro shots and sure looks yummy!

    Thanks for your comment on my post and yes, the Blue Banded Bee is a native Australian bee :)
    (I liked bee-copter too!!)

  6. Liz- It was delicious!
    As far as the bee, thanks for the biology lesson then! You are pretty brave for getting close enough to get those great shots of the bee. ;)

  7. This looks delicious.
    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    Regards and best wishes

  8. I love pasta, and this look scrumptious!


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