My New Space at Hello Gallery in Downtown Fairhope

 I'm sure at some point I mentioned that my "word for the year" is Brave. When I initially decided on that word, I had only a few definite goals in mind for how I wanted to implement it. One of the main goals was to approach one of the artist galleries in my area to see about getting a space. And, I had one particular place in mind - Hello Gallery. Within weeks of setting that goal, I saw a post from the gallery that they were accepting new artists. So, I gathered all the bravery I could muster and sent in an application. Then, I met with the owner. She liked my stuff! So, I set to work getting things ready and moved into my space at the beginning of March, exactly a month ago!

I submitted both my jewelry and mixed media art pieces, and both were approved for the gallery. How awesome is that?

I spent several weeks creating shelves for my jewelry displays and shelf-sitting art, making new jewelry displays, and adding the finishing touches to some of the art pieces (hangers, frames, etc.) before moving into the space. 

I have to admit that my husband was a rockstar with all of this as he did the woodworking for me and cheered me on like I was a star quarterback. 

As well, having stock of art from last year's 100 Day Project (#Assemblage100) in addition to the mini assemblage pieces I'm creating this year (#MiniAssemblage100) has really helped fill the space.

I was also very fortunate to move in on the First Friday of the month, as Fairhope has a "First Friday Art Walk" each month that encourages local businesses to stay open a few extra hours for patrons to walk the streets, explore the shops, and support the art community. In addition, the yearly Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival took place downtown last month. It was nice to be in the space in time for both of these big events.

Since I've been in the space for a month now, the owner has moved almost all of my jewelry to a table at the front with some of the other jewelry artists. And, my space now mostly consists of my art pieces. Here's what it currently looks like.

I'm super excited about this opportunity and pretty proud of myself for sticking to my guns and being brave enough to take this plunge. If you happen to be in the Fairhope area (South Alabama), I encourage you to check out Hello Gallery at 18 South Section Street. In addition to my space, there are dozens of other talented local artists. AND, this Friday is Art Walk night!!

So, that's the majority of what's kept me busy the last few months. Now that I'm all set up in the Gallery, things may even out for me. But, that's just wishful thinking. There's always more to do! 

Now I want to know - what have you been busy with lately?

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  1. Bravo and congrats! What an exciting development! Wish you all the success! Your display looks fabulous!


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