Honey Do List Reveal April 2023

Every month for the past several years, Sarajo (from SJ Designs Jewelry) shares a photo from her husband as inspiration for jewelry-making. This month, the photo is this bright beauty.

But, I've let the month slip away, and the official reveal was yesterday. I have no need to fret, though, because Sarajo leaves the linky tool open for almost a month for anyone who needs a little extra time (THANK YOU!)

The bright colors are what stand out the most to me in this photo, so that's what I ran with to make this super fun pair of earrings. 

I thought I was making these in the same pattern as the umbrellas in the photo, but I see now that I have mine running in the wrong direction (the red should be at the top and the orange at the bottom 🤦‍♀️😳). In any case, that was the thought as I hunted through my seed beads for similar shades. 

I shaped 16 gauge wire around a large glue stick (use what you have!) to make the frames. Then, I hammered, darkened, and sealed the wire before stringing the beads within the frame on 24 gauge antiqued copper wire. 

I think these are pretty perfect for the warmer months ahead. 

As always, thank you to Sarajo and Eric for the inspiration. I encourage you to play along and/or head over to Sarajo's reveal to see what she and any other artists have made from the inspiration photo. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I always feel like you can't go wrong with some bright bead earrings. They just make you feel happy.

  2. Oh these just make me so happy! They turned out great! And are so very perfect for the inspiration photo. Out of curiosity, did you string your beads with one long piece of wire? or did you do a separate wire for each row? When I attempt similar things mine never look so neat and lovely. Thanks for playing along with us this month!

  3. Really cool idea! These can brighten your day!


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