April Art Challenges and Inspirations

 I'm posting this in hopes of spurring both you AND me to get inspired. Last month, this list fell by the wayside entirely as did most of the challenges on it. I hope to remedy that this month. The 100-Day Project (and my decision to take on TWO projects for it) has been kicking my butt. Yet, I'd like to get something else made too. So, here's what else I might use to encourage some creativity.

  • Sarajo's Honey Do List challenge from her husband, Eric, is bright and full of color. This is a jewelry-making challenge you can learn more about on her SJ Designs Jewelry blog. The reveal date is set for April 24th, but that's just the beginning of when you can share your creation(s) and when Sarajo will share hers.
  • The Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge is also a jewelry one from Angela of Pirate Pretties Jewelry. The reveal date is the 15th. This year, the theme of the challenge is "Double Color." You can learn more about the challenge in Angela's video, but I will let you know that the two colors this month are black and grey, the metal choices are silver or gunmetal, the project type is a necklace, and the optional fun element is chain. Your reveal can be either a YouTube video with the #PiratePrettiesJewelryChallenge hashtag and/or a photo comment in the Pirate Pretties Facebook group
  • Of course, there's the #100DayProject that began at the end of February. We're about halfway through it now, but you can start your own at any time.
  • I have my own weekly my own #CraftyHopePrompts mixed media prompt challenge. This is something I created for myself to build up a prompt deck. Each Monday, I pull three prompts and alter a playing card with those prompts, adding them to the card to be used later. On Saturday, I create another project that uses those same prompts. If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to watch any of my CraftyHopePrompts videos and play along!
  • Lastly, my friend, Nina Ficket, has a Clean Slate journal series in which you simply work in a junk journal sometime during the month and film it. With all the prompts and inspirations, this is a bit of a palette cleanser for me.

And, I think that's everything. Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments.

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