CraftyHope at SAA Fairhope

Oh yes, it's Ladies Night!
 That's's back. From 6-8 pm tonight, you can browse Southern Antiques and Accents with live music, drinks, and a 10% storewide discount. 

They do encourage everyone to practice social distancing and not come out if you're sick. I thought I'd share a little of what's available in my booth in case you're interested.
I recently stocked it for summer with loads of bright colors and fun accessories like the above pairs of earrings.

There's an array of necklaces that include artisan elements.

Beachy pieces are in stock.

 I made sure to put out my brightest tin necklaces.

I think these earrings are PERFECT for the Fourth of July!

 Of course, there are more subtle pieces like this crystal necklace. 

 Everything has a one-of-a-kind flair!

 But, you might see a few things that would work together!

 These firefly earrings and sailboat earrings are also great for the season.

 I'm sure there's something on the shelves that speaks your language!

 There's loads to explore in my one little booth, including a bottom shelf of sale and bargain bin items. 

And, then there's the rest of the store!

Whether you can make it to Fairhope tonight for Ladies Night or have to wait, you should definitely check out Southern Antiques and Accents at 254 South Greeno Road (behind the Pizza Hut) and be sure to follow the Southern Antiques and Accents Facebook Page and Instagram account. There's always something beautiful to see. 


  1. Great pieces! Those firefly earrings are adorable.

    1. Ann, Thank you! I'm fairly sure I made those earrings for a challenge. They're just made from shrink plastic. I stamped on the jar image, colored in the "fireflies", cut the jars out, and shrunk them. So easy and fun to make!


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