Classic Blue Earrings (We're All Ears)

Blue is my absolute favorite color, and there's barely a shade I don't like. So, I was excited to find out that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue. It is indeed a dark, primary, classic blue. And, Erin at Earrings Everyday used it as the January Inspiration for the We're All Ears challenge. I was running behind and rushed to pull together any elements that included the color, grabbing anything that fell into the range, and altering pieces that didn't.
A beautiful blue cookie tin with white and tan slashes on it caught my attention first. I cut ovals from it and textured them in an embossing folder before riveting them to distressed teardrops of a golden tin. 

From a distance, there's something reminiscent of "sailboats on the water" about the ovals. 

While I had the embossing machine out, I ran a couple of Vintaj blanks through it. 
They were colored with lapis Vintaj Patina and sanded. I then used Sailboat Blue alcohol ink to color both sides of clear buttons.

The nature of using an embossing folder means that the backs are a reverse of the fronts.

I also uncovered small plastic flower cabochons in the right shade of blue.
I attached them to small brass filigree pieces with E6000 glue. From them, I hung small rings in which hang lapis lazuli beads to continue the blue theme. 

I think these are my favorite of the three pairs I was able to complete.

While the reveal date was set for the 17th, I lost track of time and let it get away from me. However, just as soon as I realized it, I focused on busting out these designs. And, Erin left the link tool open for a few extra days for those designers falling behind like myself (Thank you, Erin!) 

Make sure you head over to the Earrings Everyday reveal post to see what Erin and the other participating artists made in this beautiful blue. 


  1. I found it enlightening that you used alcohol ink to color both sides of clear buttons. I will have to give that a try. It also is impressive that you riveted the blue and white tin to distressed teardrop shape tin. I don't think I would even think of that. Very creative and well done! I love the shade of blue and design of the blue Vintaj blanks with the buttons. They are my favorite.

    1. Kathy, I'm so glad you like my "trick" (for lack of a better work) for altering those buttons. It opens up a world of options for adding to your button palette! As for the tin earrings, once I cut and textured the ovals, I knew I needed a little more of something to really elevate them, and the teardrop just evolved from there. I'm pleased you like my earrings. That means so much to me. Thank you!

  2. I did get the" sailboats on the water" when I saw the earrings. Its ok if you are a couple of days late. Whats important is that you participated.

  3. I like all the three pairs, you know that I'm a fan of your tin work! Dyeing the buttons with alcohol inks is smart!


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