DIY Halloween Projects Past and Present

Since Halloween is less than two weeks away, I decided to do a quick round-up of the All Hallow's Eve crafts I've shared. You've got plenty of time to complete every one of these projects for sure. And, you get a look at some of the oldest projects I've ever shared. Awesome, right!? Let's start with the newest first.
DIY Stamped Halloween Art

DIY Paper Pumpkins

Ghost Tassel Earrings

Beaded Candy Corn Charms

Pumpkin Spice Earrings

Easy Dollar Store Halloween Earrings

Shrink Plastic Halloween Bracelet

Yeah, that last one is really bad. Oof! But, the idea is there.
What's your favorite Halloween project?


  1. Halloween projects like the ones you've shared are so much fun to do to get in the mood for celebrating the holiday.

    1. I agree, and I'm so glad you like these. Thanks! :D

  2. Love the raven, very cool!! Is it on a pendant? Love the candy corn charm too, so cute!

  3. The ghost earrings and the stamped art are my favorite but especially the earrings! I don't usually make holiday themed jewelry and never anything for Halloween as it became popular here only recently but this year I made some wire spiders as decor items. It counts, right :)


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