Art Journal Pages You May Have Missed

About once a week (more often if I can), I share a video of me working in an art journal. Rather than overload you with weekly blog posts about a single art journaling video, I prefer to share the pictures and YouTube links to several of them once a month. THIS is that post! Lately, I've worked strictly in my small junk journal, and that's the substrate for all the videos this month. However, ICAD season has begun, and I might just share videos of those too. For now, here are last month's art journaling videos. 
Small Junk Journal Page 11

Small Junk Journal Page 12

Small Junk Journal Page 13

Small Junk Journal Page 14

If you would like to see these videos in a more timely manner, when they come out, please make sure to subscribe to the CraftyHope YouTube Channel. Of course, I also share links to the videos on my CraftyHope Twitter and CraftyHope Facebook Page. So, if you're following me in either of those places, you're likely to catch the videos there too. 

And, if you have any questions about art journaling, please don't hesitate to ask! It's such a fun and freeing medium. I encourage other artists to play in a journal too.

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