Jewelry Booth Update (New Inventory and Displays)

Last week I was able to head over to Southern Antiques and Accents in Fairhope (the one on Greeno Rd.) where I have a small booth. Since the season has changed, I swapped out some of the inventory. 
Don't these necklaces have an Autumnal feel to them?

And, since it's been a long time since I'd done so, I updated a few of the displays as well. In particular, a spinning earring rack was added. It was purchased at Goodwill and started out as shiny black. I've seen similar ones at Michael's. The black and glossiness were too much for me. I sprayed it with flat white paint and distressed it with a sanding block. It's definitely more my style now.
Unfortunately, the only picture I got of it was after it was loaded up with earrings. 

I also added an old, large spool to stack bracelets.
It looks a little bare. I guess I better make more bracelets!

As well, some other things were moved around, reorganized, and added. 

I think it's got a bit of a cleaner look now.
Though, there's still lots of room for improvement. I've got a few ideas but would love to hear yours too. This bottom shelf is a wreck. You do have to crouch down to see all the way in the back though. So, I've left it a little messy. I suppose I should fix that. 

As always, if you're in the area, I encourage you to stop by Southern Antiques and Accents on Greeno Road in Fairhope. In addition to my little booth, there are plenty of other larger ones to explore. 


  1. Looks good! When I had a booth at a consignment shop I also had a sad bottom shelf... I wrapped up old inventory into cellophane packages and found a low profile basket- It was my 'sale zone' where people [who were willing to bend down there] could fish around for a deal. I didn't feel like I had to make it look good & it cleared out some old stock. :-)

    1. Ha! That's almost exactly what I've been thinking about doing with that bottom shelf, just putting all the sale items down there. I'd like to come up with a little sign too to indicate that that's where the deals are to be found. Great minds! I like the idea of the cellophane and basket too though. That would keep everything separated and neat. Thanks so much for the suggestion!!

  2. Your displays look great Hope! I love the DIY holders. I don't get a chance to do shows so I don't really have any good ideas. Pinterest might.


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