Treasure Collecting

I can't help it, I pick up things. I've mentioned before that I'm a pick-up artist. My eyes are usually trained toward the ground looking for the unexpected, the beautiful, the useful items that others often overlook. I've had friends and followers mention that I always find such unique items, but I tend to counter with the fact that I'm always looking.

Because of this tendency, I also have amassed quite a few collections. Just in the last few weeks, I've added to these stockpiles. What I'll do with my found treasures is usually a mystery, but sometimes I have an inkling. 
While on vacation, I walked the beach almost daily gathering driftwood and shells.

Most of the shells and some of the small driftwood pieces will eventually occupy a vintage blue mason jar. Others will hopefully be incorporated into some kind of hanging art. Maybe even with a few beads!

My treasures aren't always found on the ground, but simply items that others might not take a second glace at.
These hardware pieces were unearthed in a fabulous junk store while we shopped on vacation. You should have seen me digging through the little boxes to find these. I only wish I had had more time to explore. I know these will eventually make it into a jewelry design or two. I think the flat keyholes would be fabulous riveted to old tin.

I'm not always one to stop for piles of junk on the curbside. But, a box of rusty parts had me making a U-turn in my own neighborhood.

I couldn't wait to sort through the box to see what treasures emerged.
Wearing gloves (safety first!), I sifted through the box and piled the bits by size, oohing and ahhing over every little piece. There was a lot more in there than I initially thought.

These were my favorites of the bunch. While most of the rusty parts aren't small or clean enough to be worn as jewelry. I see so many other assemblage art possibilities.

Another treasure I snapped up was this tiny beauty.
It was simply laying in the grass. Doesn't it look like a tiny glass window?  I don't have any plans for it, maybe preserve it in resin. Who knows? I just couldn't leave it there in the yard.

With all these treasures in my possession, I should probably get around to using them. One day. For now, they're just hoarded with all my other collections.

Do you find treasures in unexpected places too? How do use them?

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  1. Great find Hope! The possibilities are endless here! I love the old rusty parts. I wonder if they could be sealed to keep them from peeling but also maintain that look. The wing is amazing!


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