My Aim for 2017

It's an all new year!

I’ve tried to give some thought to this new year and what I want from it. While 2016’s goals and tasks and word weren’t really all that lofty, I still fell behind a little more each week and ended up feeling overwhelmed. 

For this coming year, I want to be a little more conservative. I’m going to try to make time in each day for 15 minutes of art and 15 minutes of exercise. That's it. There’s plenty more I could aim for, but if I can nail these two down I’d like to think that the rest will follow. It’s my year for Pete's sake. I can even change these and set brand new goals at any time. Any. Time. It doesn’t have to be a new year to have new aspirations. Life’s already complicated enough. I need more simple.

So, that’s my start. What are your plans for 2017?

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  1. I have been thinking for months what I want from myself for 2017. I want to start my craft project book. With this book I will put my inspiration pieces together and add a pic of my final project. Excited to start! My other goal is to have 30 minutes a day just to breath for me time. I may walk, read, go to library or just DINK.😊

    1. I wish for you all the best on these goals! Go out there and grab 2017 by the horns! :)

  2. Beautiful quote! I love your goals. Simple and achievable. I never make resolutions, rather create goals throughout the year when I feel ready to accomplish something. My only goal at the moment is a kitchen renovation. Our cabinets are solid wood and beautiful. However the stain is dated and ugly. So slowly I will be changing them to white. After that we need a designer to come in and build out the rest of the kitchen!

  3. I'm so glad you've managed to clear your mind and decide on simpler but important goals! I am not putting mine in writing - last year's unspoken ones were accomplshed partially and I hope for better this year :)

  4. Your goals sound wonderful! It's horrible when you fall behind & then end up dreading them. That's why I make goals & then tend to forget them. I take a look at the end of the year to find out how close I came & sometimes are pleasantly surprised.


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