Currently, I'm. . .

I don't even know what's up with me lately. Days and hours seem to be slipping by me with what feels like getting nothing done. I'm behind on everything: housecleaning, creating, blogging...and those are just the things I can readily recall. Being so behind on blogging, I figured I could get by with one of these 'cheater' posts real quick. I hope you don't mind.

Without further ado, Lately I've been: 

Bookmarking – Not much really since I’m sooooo behind in my blog reading. And, with Pinterest, I just save everything there. My latest find was this great recipe for Kahlua Banana Bread. Sounds good doesn't it? 

Cooking – It's no surprise that I haven't been cooking much lately. I did pop a chicken into the crockpot on Monday morning, forgetting that we had plans Monday night. Since I’ve been away from home last night and will be tonight as well. . . I guess we might FINALLY eat that chicken tomorrow, maybe.

Creating – Again, not much of anything unfortunately. I absolutely do not know how my time is slipping away from me.

Drinking – lots and lots of water mostly.

Eating – Apparently nothing homemade.

Feeling – A little under the weather to be honest. I think I have a touch of a sinus infection. It’s been a heavy pollen Spring so far.

Hoping – To be able to get some things accomplished while I’m at home tomorrow. (A girl can dream)

Knowing – I’m probably kidding myself about getting anything accomplished.

Listing – I listed these pretties last week
Tribal Flower Earrings

Marveling – Over all the beautiful signs of spring in my yard
My niece discovered this cardinal nest the other week.

Needing – Obviously, to get something done

Playing – As always, I’m playing far too many games on my phone

Reading – I’ve been trying to read Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy for MONTHS now. It’s really great, but those stupid phone games have been keeping me from really devouring it.

Wishing – I had more pictures for this post.

Wondering – If anyone is actually reading this.

So that's kinda it for right now: lots of nothing. Please let me know I'm not the only one who apparently has Spring Fever. 


  1. I read your blog. It sounds like you have a terrible phone game addiction. I can relate to that. I have a addiction. I must limit the time I spend on the computer or I would get nothing done. I try to not spend more than 2 hours a day on it. That probably sounds like a lot but I have my Etsy shop to keep up, blogs, email etc. I have trouble keeping it to 2 hours. Three is probably more like it. I do not play any computer games. I know I have no time for them!

    1. Yes, the game addiction can be terrible at times. However, that's not what eats up ALL my time. I spend a lot of it helping my family (doctor appts, homework, prom dress shopping/prep, etc.). However, I may just be making excuses and really should take a look at how much time I spend on those games. It's probably much more than I think. I did a great job cutting back for a while, but started back up recently with all my running around. Two hours online doesn't sound like much at all to me, but I know how much of a time suck it can be too. I definitely need to take a good hard look at where all my time is going and try to use it a bit more wisely. Thank you for that reminder Kathy. It is up to me to make the most of my days. Here's hoping your day has been wonderful!

  2. It's been a terrible pollen season, so it's no wonder you aren't feeling well. I NEVER have pollen bother me, except this year it's hit even me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and feel like your perky self soon!

    1. You're not the only one I've heard that's had issues this year and no other. I'm feeling much better and hope you are too. Thanks so much for popping in!

  3. On the one hand, game addiction is terrible but it also helps to relax. Even when I'm inspired and working on something, I take some time off for an online session of Backgammon :) But, yes, it eats up a lot of my productive time and Facebook, too, when I'm just browsing through what's been posted while I was away and it's A LOT!!! It's important to not get fixated on this temporary slowdown - issues with family diseases can be very depressing and suck out all your inner strength - they just have to pass. Just playing with beads without any purpose works sometimes, maybe learning a new technique? I believe you will get over this period :)


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