Weekend Re-cap and a Meal Plan

The manic of a Monday got away from me after a really wonderful weekend spent with my hubby. We got to see Zappa Plays Zappa (for the second time) on Friday night with a friend, go for a leisurely (eleven mile) bike ride on Saturday, and play some disc golf on Sunday. It was great to be outside enjoying the milder temps.
Dweezil, Ben, and Scheila of Zappa Plays Zappa

But Monday had me wanting to do something just for myself. After some chores this morning, I took off for my favorite local bead store, Blue Girl Beading Co. and treated myself to some beads. Actually, I went down there to shop for my Bead Soup Blog Party beads but got a little carried away as she also had two trunk shows going on. Oooops! After sorting through my new goodies (meaning I dumped them on the bead table and admired them), I realized that I hadn't shared my menu for this week. It's pretty basic but needs to be shared. It is Monday after all.

Breakfasts: Juice, Cereal, Yogurt w/homemade granola, Scrambled egg whites w/toast

Lunches: Tuna noodles, Juice, Black bean & corn quesidillas, Soup & salad, PB&J

Vegetarian Chili w/rice
BBQ tofu pizza w/salad
Shrimp Vodka pasta w/spinach salad

Another thing I accomplished today, marking down a few items in the shop.
Now 15% off!

Was your Monday a little manic too?

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