Valentine's Day Crafts and More

Soooo - I've done Valentine's Posts in the past and I would be a little upset if I missed sharing something this year too - however limited.
I found this tutorial yesterday for Valentine Paper Bag Books and thought it looked like a new and fun-to-make idea. While LOML was at band practice, I snuck in a little crafting time to make his Valentine card using the basic idea from the tutorial. Here are my results:
The Outside Cover
The Inner Flap
 The Pull Tabs (card stock on dictionary pages - distressed)
The Front with the tabs Pulled Out
I think he'll like the effort I put into it more than anything. Granted, I could have made it a bit more . . .decorative, neater, whatever. But, I just wanted to make sure it was COMPLETED before the actual day.

I do have a few links to share for this occasion as well:
I hope this inspires you to make something just lovely for the one(s) you love.
Happy Valentine's Day!!

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  1. Hi :) I'm so happy you liked my little tutorial on the paper bag valentine books :) Yours turned out fabulously! Have a lovely week :)


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