Crafty Hope Still Exists

Just trying to keep up the momentum, I'm posting today.

Since I haven't posted since Christmas, let me go ahead and mention (in case you don't follow me on twitter or Facebook) what my wonderful husband (LOML) got me. . . A KILN!!
We've been so very busy that we've only used it once (to test out its fused glass ability.) It worked out pretty well overall. He also ordered me (us) a precious metal clay (PMC) kit and some instructional DVDs. Though, we haven't had a chance to play with any of it yet.

I've been working on getting the craft room a bit more organized. What else is new? I'm in a constant state of organizing the craft room. I may actually have to break down and start paring down the 'supplies.' That's so hard for me to admit. . . and it's going to be even harder to do. This is especially true since I have a few Hobby Lobby gift cards. Ahhh!!

Anyway, I'm just rambling - wanted to let y'all know that I'm trying to get back into the swing of crafting AND blogging after the long break.

LOML has headed off to band practice, and I've promised him that I'll hold off on watching LOST until he gets back. So, I need to make myself busy somewhere else so I'm not tempted to turn it on.

Maybe I'll leave you a few links next time - for now, here's a quick funny!


  1. Looking forward to more blog posts (and seeing more of your craftiness!). =)

    Love, love, love the comic strip! I hate not telling the difference anymore! Or when someone stares at you and says "Hello" - and you say "Hello" back, and they look at YOU like your crazy, 'cos they are talking on their hands-free cell!

  2. Working on the craftiness - a little at a time . . .

    I HATE blue tooth headsets! First off, they just LOOK stupid (I understand wearing them in the car and all for safety.) But, out in public??? GAH! I too have responded to people wearing them. I end up feeling like the idiot. That comic makes me feel so much better about the craziness of people walking around talking (to themselves) into those things.

    Thanks for checking in!!

  3. Hey, crafty Hope! Thanks for commenting on I look forward to seeing what you make with that kiln! Craftily yours, Jenny

  4. you are going to be making all kinds of beautiful things with your kiln!!! I cant wait to see what you develop.


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