Some "Me Time" Shopping (FGF)

This week has gone by relatively quickly. I'm not complaining AT ALL!! It is, after all, Margarita Friday at long last.  :)

Hubs had a private party jazz gig last night, so I was able to fit in a little "me" time. What did I do?
I started with some thrift store shopping for craft supplies and found a few small items. THEN, I headed out for some 'real' shopping. I went to a clothing store and BOUGHT NEW CLOTHES. Granted, I buy clothes now and again, but this particular store only carries new clothes, doesn't sell blenders or music CDs, and has employees who will swap out clothes for you at the dressing room. I hardly ever go to places like that anymore. It felt so nice to do something like that for myself. Of course, my shopping trip wasn't complete without a trip to the craft store before heading home.

Once home, I pulled out my newly purchased craft supplies and began to play (the new clothes are still in the bag . . .what's that say about me?)
As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been craving some polymer clay time. So, that's what I did. I molded, shaped, kneaded, blended, poked, and played.
While they've yet to be baked and distressed a bit, here's what I was able to create while watching the Olympics last night.
I'm pretty happy with them.

After such a fun Thursday, I'm ready for "Feel Good Friday." Are you?

That's for now guys and gals. Go out and and enjoy your Friday and your weekend. I hope it's full of fun!!

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