I Survived Another Year (FGF)

Well, tomorrow is another birthday for me (I'm not looking for well wishes and congrats or anything, stay in your seats.) As I gain another year, I think about how birthdays affect me. . .

As a kid, I was constantly counting down to my birthday, checking out party planning books from the library, making lists of what I wanted, and on and on. I drove my mom and other relatives CRAZY with reminders. I did everything but send out Save the Date cards for it. Even when LOML and I started dating and into the first few years of our marriage, I made sure he knew exactly how many months until my birthday and reminded him of some of the presents I would want. Now? Now, it's. . . well. . .different. I feel like I'm less juvenile about the date of my birth. Yes, I still want to celebrate it, and I still look forward to it. But, it's just not what it was.

Now, a birthday is AGE, MORE AGE. I feel like it's New Year's Eve and I need to set some resolutions or something. I probably should. . . I feel like there's so much I should have accomplished by this point (age). At the same time, I'm thankful for another year - another year with my my wonderful husband, another year with my family and friends. I guess that's the attitude I should take instead of the "poor me without kids", "poor me without a definite career path", "poor me who's overweight" . . . GAH! My birthday should make me happy and make me want to celebrate, not wallow - RIGHT?

I spend so much time focused on my lists and plans and whatnot, I'm tired of planning and doing. I've asked LOML to plan the day for me. I have planned NO MEALS and have left it up to him. I only ask that we watch the football game at 2:30 and have some fun the rest of the time. Let's see what he comes up with. . . I hope I haven't dug myself a hole with this. He knows what I like, he should be able to do this. Right?

Alright, enough introspective B.S. - It's "Feel Good Friday" How about we find something to feel good about:
  • This is such a cool shot of bubble popping
  • Delve into the wonderful world of Tim Burton (I'm not sure if it's Tim Burton's style or his use of Johnny Depp that I like more!)
  • How bout this lady who has been collecting cans for her community swimming pool. It took 30 years, but she got it done
  • This bowl full of ferrets just makes me HAPPY!
  • How about a "Post-it love video" to round out the week and make you feel good?
So that's it. . .I guess I'm off to celebrate my age. Or something.
Let me know - how do birthdays make you feel?
Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up feeling like a kid again - maybe that'll be my birthday wish!


  1. Two comments on birthdays:
    #1 it beats the alternative
    #2 the nuns taught me to celebrate a day for every year so as you get older you have more days to celebrate.
    Get hubs to plan a whole month or so...

  2. 1. I totally know and am thankful
    2. Yeah right . ..the one day may be too much for him. I guess we'll see!!

  3. COOL!! Happy Birthday to you too!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great time. Enjoy! K

  5. hope you are having a wonderful birthday weekend!!!loved the videos you posted!

  6. Thanks K and Susanna for thinking of me. Miss y'all!!

  7. Amazing bubble popping photo!!

    I'm with Anonymous - I celebrate my birthmonth!

  8. Beverly - I've just got to figure out how to do that. Hmmmm


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