Starting to Re-Do the RV (ThTh)

LOML and I are still trying to prepare the RV for our upcoming camping trip. (I was going to link to the post where I mentioned our trip, but I can't seem to find it. Maybe I didn't mention it. We're taking the RV on a camping trip here soon. . .)
You have no idea how nasty an RV that has been closed up for close to a year can get. Blech!! It smells(ed) like old lady, mold, and I dunno what else. I've gone through almost a whole bottle of Febreze on the upholstery and mattress.
I'm also constantly jumpy while in there - on the lookout for any sort of too-many-legs-creatures.
But, it's coming along. The beddings have been stripped and washed, I've started wiping down surfaces, and now I'm envisioning ways to decorate the place. You know, really make it ours: re-doing the upholstery, replacing the cabinet handles with something modern, painting the brass pieces some other sheen, etc. . .
I was able to pull down most of the valances down from over the windows after I took these "before" pictures of the place. Here's just a sample of what I'm dealing with here (please overlook the cleaning supplies scattered throughout)

The Bedroom
The Dining Room
The Bathroom
The Kitchen
Now for some samples of what I currently see in my head.
Here's the first set of pictures I found of a trailer that was re-done in a warm, and cozy way. It really gave me an idea of some of the travel trailer decorating possibilities.

But WAIT, there's more!! Here's the one I love the most. It's absolutely perfect!! You have to go (NOW) and see how this rv was renovated. The colors and decorations are simply perfect. Even LOML likes this one. He says that he's not concerned with how the trailer is decorated, but he's already told me his opinion of color options. . .

In any case- in addition to all the other treasures I search out in thrift stores, I have now added decorations for the RV to the list. AWESOME!! I better get busy. I think I might even try my hand at sewing again to make curtains and seat covers. Watch out!!

But first, speaking of thrift stores, it's 'Thrifty Thursday":It's time to get back to work on that trailer . . . Wish me luck!!

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