Mardi Gras

Just wanted to say...
Happy Mardi Gras
from THE home of Mardi Gras (or close to it), Mobile, AL!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hope, I think that you need to do a post on homemade Valentine cards and other Valentine's ideas. Don't wait till Valentine's. I need help now!!! ;) Every year since Chrissie and I have been dating, I have made a card for her. I'm usually stumped until the last minute about what to do, and this year is no different.


  2. That's a great idea Ben. I'm working on that now. Should have a post up tomorrow hopefully!!

    I hope all is well there. Let me know when you come in town next time. I would love to see you!!

  3. The next time that I'm in Mobile will be for our 10-year class reunion. I'm counting on seeing you then!



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