Feelin' Betta

Sorry about that rant yesterday. I'm just a little down. I almost didn't go to dinner with my Mardi Gras Room. However, I reasoned that I needed to eat, and there would be wine of course. So, I went. It was a great decision. I forget how much I enjoy the group of people in my Room. We ended up talking about games for the Wii for almost all of dinner. Of course, the two ladies who were discussing it with me have pre-teen sons. But, what the hay - I like my geek entertainment.

When I left dinner, I had a message from my pregnant, single friend. I met her at another restaurant to chat while she ate. She helped me feel even better and recommended a magazine she had seen at her doctor's office.

Overall, I had a nice evening with my lady friends, and I'm ready to get back up on the horse (in a manner or speaking.)

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