Smile Because You Can

I know I said that I was going to work on bracelets tonight (and I still might), but I wanted to also announce "Made Me Smile Monday." Who doesn't need to think about smiling on Monday? Here, I will be listing all the things that made be smile or laugh out loud over a week's time. However, since I only came up with this today, I have a rather simple list. In the future, the lists will either be longer or contain much more intense smile-provoking instances. Here we go
Today, I smiled because:
  • I spied a sneaky morning glory (flower) who was found nested at the edge of the lawn instead of in the flowerbed
  • I heard a New Kids on the Block song that took me back to middle school
  • By 10am, I had 15 hits on this very new blog
  • I read this question: "Would you die if you got scared half to death twice?"
  • I almost missed my chair at lunch but landed on the edge, instead of the floor
  • These pictures:
  • I got to eat sushi (with wasabi - mmm) for dinner
  • LOML* asked if it's cruel to have an aquarium in a sushi restaurant
  • I watched this video:

[Please excuse me if you can't see the pictures or watch the video - I AM still learning. And I think I'm doing pretty good teaching myself this stuff.]

I hope these instances made you smile or laugh as well. Please try to take in the moments that make you smile because these are the ones you'll cherish.

Leave me a comment and let me know how I'm doing. I'd love to know who those 15 hits came from.


  1. I know this is much delayed but I have to say that I laughed at the aquarium in a sushi restaurant.

  2. yes, i agree, i never thought about the fish tanks in the sushi restaurants, the thought of it all makes me want sushi though.


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