Don't Make Me Cry, Some Good News

LOML* and I got tickled at dinner because I admitted that I have been on the verge of crying all afternoon/evening for very silly things (ex: I heard a song on the radio I like, I got excited about creating this blog, I didn't know where I wanted to go to dinner, etc.) I mean really, silly things. We laughed because I kept threatening him with crying and then started asking him if he was going to start crying. I guess it was funnier in the moment.

However, I know I'm not pregnant yet and not PMSing, so we were trying to figure out what was wrong with me. All we can come up with is - I'm happy. WOW, what news! No, no I'm just really excited about the good luck that may be possibly befalling us. LOML is supposed to fly up to D.C. next week to do a face-to-face with a company that probably wants to hire him. He's done all the technical screens and they say they want him, they just need to see that he exists (pretty much). The great thing about this possibility is that it will mean quite a financial increase for us.

Therefore, we (I) think that the crying is the result of great happiness and the fact that I realize that our lives are about to change in many ways (for the better hopefully). However, this does mean leaving the company that has been so very good to us. So, it is sad in other ways as well.

Really, nothing has happened yet. It is just the anticipation of it all. I felt like sharing and getting some of this off my chest, maybe my eyes will stop watering up now.

*Love of My Life = LOML

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  1. It took me a minute to find the * by loml and kept trying to figure it out, laugh out mouth loud? lick open my liquor? anyways good luck


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