Quick and Easy Halloween Bracelet

I did get to craft tonight! Yay!! Now let's see if I can show you how I did it.

First, I gathered permanent markers, a permanent ink stamp (like Staz-on), Halloween stamps, and a sheet of shrink plastic.

Next, I stamped the shrink plastic with the permanent ink and allowed it to dry. Then, I carefully colored the images with the markers.

While that dried, I got my scissors and a hole puncher.
I cut out the images so that I had enough room to punch a hole above and a hole below the image. Then I cut around each of the images in a curved pattern (to keep the plastic smooth for my nieces).

With my heat gun and a metal knitting needle (to keep the plastic from blowing away), I shrunk the plastic (my favorite part!!).
As soon as they were completely shrunk, while still hot, I placed a flat piece of metal on the hot plastic to ensure that the plastic laid and dried flat. Please note that I protected my surface by using a ceramic tile to place the plastic on while I heated it.

Once all the charms were shrunk, I got out my beading supplies: black, orange, and purple seed beads; crimping pliers and wire cutters; crimp beads; findings (simple clasps); and plastic covered wire.
While the picture shows a ton of jump rings, I do not use these for the child bracelets. I'm not sure yet how to explain how I string it (you can send me a comment and I will write it out for you then.) It's a real simple process with the wire just looping through the holes in the shrink plastic holes with a few beads and crimped on each end. Repeat that for as long as you want the bracelet.
Hopefully, you will end up with something like (or better than) this:

I also made myself some earrings using this method. I'll post that later.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Thanks Rae - Of course my photography is nothing compared to yours and my bracelets are nothing compared to your beautiful bundle of joy.

  2. OMG!! This is so cute, you could do this for ANY occassion. Birthdays, spring, easter, 4th of july, valentines, Christmas of course. I've never used shrink paper but i am a big fan of toggle clasps.


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