Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine Weekend

While suitcases, and boxes, and all sorts of chaos surround me, I've decided to simply ignore the mess and tell you about my Valentine weekend.

LOML and I rented a condo in Orange Beach, AL (big surprise after my Condo Box post.) Even with a snow warning for southern Alabama, we headed down to the beach - we're CRAZY like that. The weekend was quite chilly but beautiful.We shopped for beads (actually, I shopped while he watched and paid), we ate out (after getting stuck in OB Mardi Gras traffic for an hour and a half - REALLY!!), I crafted some jewelry, we watched sunsets, and the Love of My Life made me dinner for Valentine's day. It was a truly wonderful weekend.  

I hope yours was just as full of love and/or lovely things!!

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