Thrifty Thursday Haul

I've backed off on some of my thrift shopping lately as I have plenty and really just need to use it. But, I did find a few things at a thrift store and a few more at an estate sale in the past week or two. I'll share a peek at both hauls with you here, but if you're interested in seeing it all in more detail, I do have a video (at the bottom of this post).

This first little set was found at a local thrift store.

And, these treasures came from a large estate sale.

Like I said above you can learn more about what all this is in the Thrifty Thursday haul video

If you know what some of the questionable items are or have any questions for me about these hauls. just give me a shout!


  1. That tiny box/shrine thing is very interesting and those books remind me of those i had in my childhood. Very cool!

    1. Oh, I'm tickled that you like these treasures. I just need to get to using them!! Thanks for your time, Divya!


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