Jewelry Booth Update at SAA

A little while ago (several months maybe, I'm not even sure), I updated the CraftyHope booth at Southern Antiques and Accents in Fairhope (Greeno location). I've been meaning to show off the update and simply forgot until I added a few more display pieces the other day. While I was there, I snapped some pictures to show you the changes. Somehow I failed to get a shot of the whole booth, but the vertical shelf arrangement makes it hard to do that anyway. 
The very top of the six shelves that are my booth is quite high so I use it only to display my shop name. Below that is another high shelf (high for my short self) on which I usually just have a few necklace busts toward the front of the shelves, within reach and view. I just added that button and fabric necklace to the booth. I think it's pretty awesome.

I recently sorted each of the other cubbies in my display by theme/materials. So, below the upper display is where I've placed jewelry made from found and salvaged materials.
Included in this category are pieces made from old jewelry bits, keys, hardware, buttons, and other unusual materials.

There's quite an array of earrings on this shelf, so I've got an earring spinner display there.

My newest display items are a couple of these simple glass bottles that I painted. I think the paint makes for a nice, neutral background to the jewelry.

Within my display, I also have a couple of these slices of an old door to which I've added a few cup hooks to hang necklaces.

Below that shelf, you'll find jewelry made from upcycled tin.
Using old cookie tins to create jewelry in my latest obsession, so I thought it deserved its own space within the booth.

I've got an uncut tin there to give the customers an idea of what I mean by tin.

This shelf is also where I added the other altered bottle.

On the shelf under the tin is where you'll find mixed media jewelry.
Some of the jewelry on this shelf could possibly also go on the found and salvaged one, but I do love the category.

One of my favorite display pieces is in this cubby. It's a small rake head that's mounted in a wood block. I use it to hang bracelets.

This is also where the other necklace display made from the door is.

My bottom shelf is the most chaotic. It's where I've placed sale items.
Most of the display pieces on this shelf don't match the ones above. I should probably remedy that.

Since this bottom shelf is right on the floor and customers will need to squat to get to it, I thought it might be best to make it the place for reduced-priced jewelry. 

While these pieces are on sale, there are still some real beauties in this bottom cubby.

So, there a peek at what's in the booth at Southern Antiques and Accents. May 21st is Ladies Night where everything in the store is 10% off, along with all kinds of other specials, food, drinks, and entertainment from 6-8pm. Of course, if you're not in the Fairhope area, you can still find CraftyHope Jewelry in the Etsy Shop. 


  1. Beautiful displays Hope. I love the use of the bottles and other random objects to show the jewelry. You are so creative!

  2. Your displays are so well organized and attractive! Great job!

    1. Thanks Mary! They're definitely more organized now that I've categorized them. It makes it easier to figure out where to put new pieces I'm adding to the display too.

  3. You have many interesting display solutions! I love the dyed bottle, just wonder how did you hang the necklace on it? I think your tin shelf will be a great hit, I absolutely love your tin makes :)

  4. I think your displays look terrific. Your addition of a recycled tin display should help your sales.

    1. Kathy,
      Thanks! :)
      It's funny, but the tin hasn't been selling great. I keep wondering if I need to make a little sign that explains what those pieces are made from rather than the vague sign I'm using. Your input means so much.


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