Peek at My Week: June 3-9

Another week in the books!

I made it through with seven altered objects for The 100 Day Project.
For this week, I worked through a box of miscellaneous items I had gathered at the beginning of the project to be altered. 
62: This was a tube with caps that I added some of my acrylic-poured tin inside of. It took several tries but finally worked. 
63: The flower-shaped old jewelry pieces were colored with Vintaj Patinas and riveted together. I added the faux pearl cabochon with glue. 
64: An old earring was added to a key. Simple.
65: The metal feather was colored with Vintaj patinas and a silver wax.
66: This was a gold-tone solid piece that I punched the circle out of. I also punched out a few smaller holes into which I added tube rivets after coloring the whole thing black. 
67: These were basic copper washers that were textured with a texture hammer, darkened with Novacan Black Patina, and sanded to reveal the texture. 
68: Another metal feather was colored with more Vintaj Patinas. I bent it into a cuff shape.

In addition to The 100 Day Project, I worked on Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day.
It's been tough to get it done each day, but so rewarding to stretch my creative muscles. 

In addition to being creative, I made sure to vote in our primary election.

I've admired the zinnias that have grown from the seeds I planted.

I found a crumpled leaf in the house that looks like a heart.

And, we've had loads of afternoon rainstorms.
Fortunately, this was just a mile from my house, and I made it home before the bottom fell out.

As for some of the links I found this week:

So, that was another week. I'm not sure that this one will be as exciting as I'll be out of town for most of it, but I'll try to make the most of it. I hope you do too!!


  1. You've done some exciting altering - the glass tube with the acrylic pour is unique! I love how the copper washers turned out, too. Have a great new week!

    1. Rosantia, Thanks so much! I went o out of town and am back behind on the altering, but should have more to share soon! :)


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