ICAD 2018: Cards 1-3

The beginning of this month marked the beginning of the Daisy Yellow Index-Card-A-Day (ICAD) Challenge. It's a 61-day challenge to alter index cards with mixed media art. I couldn't help but decide to try again (I didn't even make it halfway through last year). You can find all the details, prompts, and themes about the challenge on the Daisy Yellow blog.

For me, the challenge is a great way to create small art that I don't have to overthink - like I feel that I should with my jewelry-making. As I began the challenge, I also began filming my process. While I haven't recorded all of the cards I've created, I have taped a few. For now, let me share my process for the first three with you.

And, here's a detail view of each of the three of the cards from the video.
Card 1 includes ephemera, paint, stencils, a stamp, word stickers, Stabilo pencil, doodling, and inked edges.

Card 2 was made with ephemera, a stencil, gesso, ink sprays, a stamp, a phrase from a book, a paper doll, Stabilo pencil, and inked edges.

For card 3, I used an old pamphlet, a stencil, homemade alcohol spray ink, masking tape, decorative tape, a watercolor crayon, a stamp, and a pen.

I've just barely caught back up on my cards since I returned from being away, but I do hope to post some more videos and pictures of my little works of art. If you want to see more, make sure to check out #dyicad2018 on Instagram

Are you participating?


  1. I've never tried making cards but I enjoy your posts :) I'm terrible at doodling, though, I usually end up with a mess on paper :)

    1. Rosantia, These aren't even greeting cards, they're just mini works of art - a break from jewelry-making for me. I'm glad you like this. I enjoying making and sharing! You do so well digitally, I can't believe you don't work on paper any. But, everyone has their own way to enjoy creating. You continue to enjoy your way! :D


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