Peek at my Week - April 29-May 5

As I mentioned last week, I've decided to try to focus on one medium each week for #The100DayProject as part of my own #Altering100 project in which I alter something for 100 days. This week I chose to alter erasers into stamps.
I picked up an array of stamps from the Dollar Tree and Dollar Store and made sure to carve at least one new design each day. I was inspired by many different things. On day 30, it was the upholstery at Panera Bread. My bedspread at the beach house (see below) inspired Day 32. And, on Day 33, I asked the hostess of the art retreat to draw me a few designs. She's so awesome!

Now, as far as the rest of the week. It was another blur of a week. 
On Sunday, I realized I hadn't checked the mail. I was happy to discover these AMAZING earrings from Sarah Shoot in the box. I love them so much! You should definitely check out her shop. 

I continued my face-drawing obsession through Sunday and Monday. My favorite tool so far seems to be an array of basic colored pencils. 

But seriously, I drew faces...

and drew more faces...
And, there were more. But, you get the idea.

Pat left out of town on Sunday afternoon, and I always take the opportunity to make something he might not eat for myself while he's gone. 
This time around, I played around with cauliflower. I made a cheese sauce like I would for mac-n-cheese, adding bacon, peas, and caramelized onions; mixed in lightly cooked cauliflower; topped with panko breadcrumbs and parmesan; and baked for 20 minutes. It was delicious. I didn't miss the pasta at all. I think he might actually eat this.

Wednesday was Pat's birthday, but he was out of town. We still wanted to make it special. 
You have no idea how long it took for me to get that picture. 

I had a surprise of my own.
There are beans in the garden!!

And, I discovered this armadillo-made tunnel out of pine straw in the yard. Cute, right!?

On Thursday afternoon, before Pat even got home, I headed South a few miles for Art at The Beach 2018, hosted by Tiffany of Southern Gals Designs on YouTube and Instagram. It was so great to get to spend some time with like-minded creative ladies. There was a whole lot of art-making

Loads of fellowship
And, the beauty of the beach

I'll share a whole post about it later.
I have to admit that I'm still exhausted from all the fun but trying to get back into the swing of things.  This is a start at least. 

How was your week?


  1. You've been so busy! What a great gift card idea and congrats on your patience :) I love your drawings of faces - they have different expressions, good for you! Your garden finds are always so exciting!

  2. fab carved stamp designs! I have done a bit of stamp carving and really enjoyed it. I should probably do more, but then I'm not sure what to do with the stamps I carve!


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