Silverlox in the Snow

The craziest thing happened y'all!! It SNOWED this weekend in South Alabama. My last memory of real snow down here was when I was in college twenty years ago. Now, I have no great love for snow. It's part of the reason I'm happy to live in the Deep South, but it does make everything a little magical. So, when Silverlox got blanketed in a dusting of the white stuff, I couldn't help but take ALL THE PICTURES! And, what else am I going to do with these pictures, but share them with YOU? Aren't you excited? Here they come. Sorry, this is indeed picture-heavy. 

I actually didn't think our area was going to get any snow even though most of the areas to the West and North of us were already getting some. However, as the day progressed, it seemed that it might actually hit us right around midnight. So, we stayed up and waited for it.

It had rained all day, but that slowly changed into a light sleet that transformed into SNOW!

We didn't leave the porch while the snow was falling during the night. In the morning, I woke before the sun was up, ready to take a peek at how it had transformed the property (and fully recognizing that it wouldn't take long for it all to melt away into nothing).

Pat and I donned some warm clothes and toured the property.

Even the fire pit didn't look warm. 

We could see the sun just peeking up on the other side of the woods.

The trails in our forest didn't get much snow because of the tree coverage.

But, I was smitten with the way the snow was just sitting on the tops of items like this barbed wire wrapped stump.

How about these palms with the snow on them? Such a weird sight!!

Oh, the mushroom-ed log with the snow. SQUEEE!

And, the snow just sitting on the tree branches, like a coating of frosting. 

The pop of color from the camellias amongst all the white was startling.  

Everything seemed to glow with the reflection of all the white.

How cute is my lemon with the snow hat?

Snow or no snow, it still looks like I live in Narnia. 

And hey! There's me in the snow - proving it really happened! HA!

By noon, almost all of the snow had melted away. The quiet, magical beauty was gone. It was nice to have a quick few hours of snow. Now, I'm ready for it to warm back up! Yeah, I'm definitely an Alabama girl!


  1. I am amazed you have a lemon growing in December! I guess it makes sense when you think about how close you are to Florida and oranges grow there in December.

    1. Oh yeah, the lemons are just now starting to ripen, all the citrus here is. Our climate is sub-tropic so we don't get to grow ALL the things you can in Florida, but most of them. Bananas are hard to get because of temps dropping like this, but they grow here fine without fruiting. I love that we've got several fruit trees I'll likely be picking much of the citrus soon. Thanks for taking a peek at out snow!

  2. The pictures are beautiful, and indeed magical. I live in WI, so usually see lots of snow, but looking at your photos of the first and "only" snow you'll probably get to see, is special...

    1. Bonnie, I bet you see tons of the white stuff. Like I said, it's rare here and disappeared quickly. I was so glad to have gotten the pictures before it was gone. It was special. It may be another 20 years before it snows here again!

  3. Stunning!!!! That's the best kind of snow, come and gone quickly....Thanks for the beautiful sights!

    1. Yes. I was so glad that it was gone fairly quickly. No one down here knows how to drive in it (including myself) so it makes for a real mess of the roads. But, it was beautiful here on the homefront while it lasted! :D

  4. The forest pic is gorgeous and lemon is super cute. The closest that I have come to seeing snow is through an aeroplane window on the Everest tour in Nepal. I wonder what it would feel to touch and play with snow. But I guess I would last five minute before my joints start aching or head starts aching. I am but a desert animal :(

  5. I am so jelly... We never get snow here in Fresno, Ca. EVER!! Gorgeous photos Hope.

  6. I can't believe you got so much snow!! We got 6 inches in Bham and it was sooooo pretty! I don't mind snow if the power stays on and people don't get stranded, it was the perfect snow event!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Seems so crazy, all the weather patterns. I never thought I’d see palms with snow!

  8. We have regular four seasons in Bulgaria (spring is becoming shorter, though) and snow is not a rare sight but I think it's only good for pictures :)It was long ago when I didn't mind the frozen feet and hands and cheeks and nose, we built fortresses and fought with snow balls. I can drive in the snow but hate it. The pictures are beautiful, the first one is magical!

  9. Your photos are so pretty. I think it was magical, but I can see how it would get old fast. Poor folks who have to deal with mounds of the stuff. Then again, they think we are pitiful for having buckets of humidity!


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