Bead Box to Go Jewelry Designs

Not too long ago, I shared my Bead Box to Go. The idea was to have the majority of the elements needed for a single design collected in each of the compartments in a box. Originally, I prepped it before my mom had a medical procedure, but I've been working from it steadily since then and finally finished all sixteen designs. 

I started with this packed plastic hobby organizer full of possibility.

Here's a reminder of what was in each of the compartments (left) and what I made from it (right) in a sort of before and after reveal. A full description of the items in the Bead Box is in the original post. This is more about revealing the completed pieces. Do let me admit that while having the components gathered was a great aid to the design process, by the time I got to some of the projects; I had forgotten what my original design had been. Ha! This wasn't always the case but did occur in a few instances. I'll have to work on that.

This came together easily enough with the chain doing the majority of the work to fill out the design. 

For this bracelet, it was simply a matter of wrapping the beads into a chain. It came together quickly. It's now for sale up at Southern Antiques and Accents on Greeno in Fairhope (and the whole booth is 15% off!)

I did add a few more beads to this mix to make up the chain in this necklace. However, it's not quite done as I'm not happy with the way it hangs. So, I'll have to figure out a solution before I put it up for sale.

I LOVE the hardware thing-a-ma-jig I used in this. I will remember what it's called before I list it. Plus, I think I need more of them. And, there's something about using the Eiffel Tower and Hot Air Balloon charms together that give this a very French feel. Is it just me?

This was one of those designs that I couldn't recall the original intent. For some reason, I thought I had planned a necklace. But, after some playing with the elements, this sweet bracelet emerged. 

A fun little take on tassel earrings, this pair was a bit of a booger to get to come together. However, in the end, I think they're a lot of fun.

As expected, this necklace is one of my favorites of the bunch. It is so simple in its design, but the combination of found objects and blue quartz beads makes me swoon. I've decided I need to get a mold of the little hardware elements before I try to sell this necklace...if I can bear to part with it.

Here's a super simple design. In fact, almost all of these designs are WAY simple but just contain beautiful statement elements. I did also color the toggle clasp to have it match the focal. Because, why not?

I finished this necklace at my mom's house and posted it on Instagram. When one of my best friends mentioned that she liked it, I knew it was destined as a present for her upcoming birthday. She was delighted! It easily fits over her head, which is good as I didn't include a clasp on it since it was so long.

This is another favorite. The shades in all of these beads just seemed to go together. And, the stacked art beads feel like a cairn, something special and sacred. The flashes of color in the labradorite will always make me smile.

Like the necklace above, this one combines three art beads. I must have been in a groove when I was assembling these designs. Instead of being stacked though, these hang from one another. This necklace was just added to the Etsy shop.

I don't remember where I got that large slab of a stone bead, but it feels like I've had it FOREVER without a clue as to what to do with it. Something finally clicked that I could accent it with another color. Cherry red seemed perfect. I was happy to realize that I had both seed beads and large glass beads in the same shade to make this simple tassel necklace.

In some stroke of serendipity, both the stones and the small filigree bead in this necklace match almost exactly. It only took a little wire wrapping and chain to get it to all come together.

The beautiful minty/turquoise/aqua shade of these Czech glass beads had me grabbing anything I could find in that shade from my stash (along with some antiqued brass and basic white) to make dangles for this necklace. It's quite full and eye-catching.

Here's another design that has to be re-worked. It's far too big for most wrists, possibly for ANY wrists. I just hate cutting apart that fluffy leaf chain. Simple fix, will hopefully get around to it before next year!

I really like the quirky color combination of the coral and emerald green. However, those coral beads are so heavy. I can't decide if they're too heavy for a bracelet. Oh, and this was another one of those designs I couldn't remember my original intention. I think it worked out though. 

In the end, the Bead Box was a great idea. I was able to take several projects with me and knew what I was working on next without much guesswork and brainstorming. Now, it's time to fill it up again. I'm likely to grab my Inspiration Jar (and bowl) to help me get started. 

Did these turn out the way you had expected?


  1. Those are awesome. I really like that idea...I am getting ready to head into tax season, so my brain will be a little crazy, but this idea might help! Great job!

    1. Veralynne, I'm so glad you like this. I highly recommend making a box like this. It really helped me stay motivated and know what I was making next. I wish I had some time today to load it back up, but I still have the earring box I prepared for my 100 earring challenge, so I may take that with me. Definitely share if you make a box! I'd love to see what's in yours. :)

  2. I love them all... Simple and elegant, quirky and fun... I really am loving the idea of the Bead Box to go..

  3. These are all awesome! I usually have some variation of a Bead Box to Go in the works (my infamous Project Baggies), but I really like the way you have these organized. And what fun to see a before and after! You definitely are an inspiration... makes me want to rethink my Project Baggies and create something a bit more photogenic. :)


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