Week in Review

Another week in the books my friends. Here's a view of how mine looked.

One of our nieces stayed the night Saturday night. On Sunday, she worked on some projects she came up with to decorate her room. Here, she covered a jelly jar with some dictionary paper. I cut a hole in the lid, and she covered it with washi tape. She's decided to use it as a vase, but planted the fern and elephant ear in dirt when she got home.

We also decided to turn the outdoor kennel we bought for Zoe into a larger run for the chickens. Basically, we just threw a tarp over it. They seemed to dig it.

On the way to take the niece home on Sunday, we stopped in at Goodwill and I saw this table. While I passed, I woke up Monday thinking about it. Had to go back to get it. It's perfect on our front porch!! Now to find some chairs to go with. Darn, more shopping.

After that, I tried to hit the deadlines and played around with some of the beads for the Bead Peeps Swap N Hop. These are actually the duplicates of the ones I sent my partner. While I didn't get much further than this on Monday, I did get some ideas.

I put these button and sea glass earrings in the shop this week.

On Wednesday, I took my grandmother to a doctor appointment. I had to giggle a little at this gentleman's socks. Couldn't help it.

Pat was out of town until Friday, and there were all kinds of things I had hoped to accomplish. But, after a morning sitting at the doctor's, my motivation was way gone. Instead, I enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather on the front porch and made lists of the tasks I wanted to tackle. It definitely helped clear my head.

Wednesday's list-making must have helped because before I knew it, I was gesso-ing frames and canvas boards. It was a good start.

By the end of Thursday, my craft desk was a disaster - in a good way. I worked like a maniac and completed what I could for the Swap N Hop. I can't wait to share what I made on April 8th.

I spent almost all day Friday cleaning as I've rearranged my whole chore schedule so that the bulk of my cleaning is done on Fridays in preparation for the weekend. I think it's nice to have a clean house as the week comes to a close. And, I hated to think of Pat coming home to the disaster I had made (see above images!!)

Oh, and when Pat's away, 
. . .the puppy needs extra snuggles.

I did spend some hours (many, many to be exact) on the front porch while the above-mentioned puppy played in the front yard. While running though the yard, she uncovered this little baby.
That's an old glass marble there. Alas, it's quite chipped on the other side. But still pretty!!

Yesterday, we basked in the glory of Pat being home. So yeah. . .we stuck close to home and just hung out. Actually. . .I started on Friday filming some basic jewelry-making videos (FINALLY! Right!?) and worked on editing them. Stay tuned for that!! 

I'm looking forward to the week to come and all the possibilities it holds. I hope your week was full of awesome. What'cha got planned for this one?


  1. Loved seeing the chickens in the puppy pen! Your puppy is adorable! I so enjoy your creativity. Your button and sea glass earrings are charming.

    1. Candy, Yeah.. .the puppy got a big yard and no longer needs the pen. With the cover on it, I feel a lot better about leaving the chickens out. Now they have several areas to stretch their wings. Thanks for all the kind words, they are so appreciated! :)

  2. Puppy on the new sofa? We have to cover our sofa because our Zoey likes to lick her paws and she always leaves a big wet spot. Ick! We took her to Stedman's Landing yesterday and she had a great time on the beach there, but needed a bath afterwards. I'm off all week and have a very long to-do list to tackle. I love the marble!

    1. Ha! Yes. . .puppy on the sofa. As you can tell, she's a very, very spoiled puppy!! Our Zoe likes to lick too, but we just try to keep her from doing it excessively. Now that she's getting to spend more time outside (with the fenced-in yard), she's needed baths more often too. I hope you have a fantastic Spring Break and that your list indeed gets tackled!!

  3. You know, sometimes,when my husband is away, I have big plans and never manage to accomplish them :) I love the Friday cleaning routine - used to do that when we lived in a small studio. I still haven't started making anything for the swap but at least I have a couple of ideas :)

  4. A fun filled week! I hope the plants take off for your niece. It is neat planting things from someone else's yard and seeing them flourish. Your chickens are lucky to have you. They must love running around in their pen! What a find in the rusty old table. It is full of character. My grandmother used to wear men's sock too. She always wore a skirt or a dress, never pants, so it was quite silly. :)


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