Renovations - coming to an end

We're finally at a point in our renovations where we can take a bit of a breather and actually enjoy our living space.  In the last update, I revealed the majesty that is our new floors.
Since then, we've added a few finishing touches that included painting, installing, and caulking the baseboards.

I was able to paint the baseboards, but it took Pat's skill and expertise to install and caulk them.

Ahhhhh, isn't that better?

I know the hallway is pretty boring thing to show, but it's so much better than the dark dreariness it had been.


Once the baseboards were in place, we focused in on our lack of counter space. While building the island is more of an undertaking than we want to tackle at the moment, Pat drew my attention to this workbench that had been left in the garage by the previous owner.
It doesn't look like much here, but it's the right height.

We hauled it out into the yard where I cleaned it off with lots and lots of bleach water and scrubbing. From there, we added felt pads on the feet to keep it from scratching the new floors.

In the kitchen, it looks at home. And, it helps us get a feel for the space the island will eventually occupy. However, I still needed some additional storage.

A trip to Michael's solved that problem. They luckily had their baskets reduced to half price. Score!

I took no time filling those baskets, and Y'ALL! My house looks amazing now.
Though we still have a few projects to tackle, those can wait. My kitchen is a work-able space again! My house isn't a construction zone. It's lovely.

Here's a few looks at the before and current condition.
From the kitchen. Yes, those are the same spaces.

From the loving room.

It really is blissful to have this much room and space. If you want to look through the process from the beginning: Renovations Underway, Renovations Part 2, Renovations Part 3, and  Renovations Part 4 (Floors).

We've already moved onto another project...
fencing in the front yard for an extremely bored puppy. I'll spare you all the details of that project. But, it'll be a relief for all of us (the two us, the puppy, and the cat) to have that done too.

Thanks to everyone for all their kind words as we've gone through this trying process. I'm excited to get started with the actual decorating of the area. I've got hopes to make some curtains and actually get art on the walls. How about that!

So, what's going on in your home?


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    1. Thanks Kathy! We're so very happy with it. Taking out those walls was the first thing I wanted to do when we bought the place, but other projects had to come first. So glad the majority of the work is done! Thanks for taking a peek!

  2. Your new flooring is beautiful - and I love that green table. Looks like it will keep plenty stored away nicely ;)

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    1. Tiffany, Thanks so much! I know you're going through some decorating of your own as of late. I'm so glad to finally be getting to the actual decorating part of this whole process. Now, if I could only get to some of the pictures that are on the other side of the room where all the boxes are hidden! Ha!!

  4. That work table looks fantastic Hope! Very creative! You guys are smart to take a break and just enjoy what you've done so far.

  5. Hi Hope,
    What a wonderful open room you now have! It looks great!
    And maybe it's me, but I really like the old work bench with the baskets as the island. It looks quirky (in a good way!) and right at home!

  6. I just love all that open space! You did a great job and the workbench as an island is such a cool idea. Our motto has always been "use what you have" whenever possible.

    1. Lorraine, Thank you!! I have to give Pat all the credit for the workbench island idea. I just agreed to it and added the baskets. We definitely try to use what we have too, even if it's just temporary. We're very much of the "make it work" mindset. Though, I do admit that we will break down and buy new every once in a while. Thanks for taking a look at the 'new' space. We're totally in awe of it ourselves!

  7. Oh it's beautiful! I love the open space! That kitchen island is so cool. I love it! It's more fun to do parts at a time. You will enjoy each accomplishment.

    1. Marian, Thank you so much! I don't think our rooms are as large as yours, but having it all open makes my heart sing! I dig the "island" too. It'll come in to play elsewhere I'm sure once we put the more permanent island in. Yes, parts at a time is good for our stamina, but not so good for an impatient person. However, I'll just rolling with it and enjoying how great it all looks. :) Thanks for checking it out!!

  8. Oh it's beautiful! I love the open space! That kitchen island is so cool. I love it! It's more fun to do parts at a time. You will enjoy each accomplishment.


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